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Harness the power of Emotional Intelligence in any workplace.

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Why emotional Intelligence?

Enhance productivity, engagement, and positive company culture

Emotional Intelligence competencies can be measured and developed at all levels of an organization. Genos International offers an entire development-focused approach, including assessments and development programs for both leaders and contributors.

Engage with Genos

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Implement Genos Assessments and Development Programs within your organization

For Learning and Development specialists, Organizational Development professionals, HR professionals, corporate trainers, coaches, consultants, trainers, business owners, hiring managers and corporate development professionals.
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Enroll in a Genos Corporate or Executive Development Program

For groups, teams or individual executives interested in developing emotional intelligence skills.
Genos North America will deliver Genos Assessments and Development Programs for your and/or your teams.
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Offer Genos Assessments and Development Programs to your clients

As a coach, consultant or trainer, you can become certified to utilize Genos Assessments and Development Programs with your clients.
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Why Genos?

Game-changing for Business. Life-changing for people.

Globally used and recognized

Genos assessments are globally recognized, award winning and are translated into 29 languages.

Effective assessments, courses and programs

Genos assessments and development programs are used by teams and leaders around the world to raise Emotional Intelligence and boost business results. We work with companies of all sizes, from small startups, to large organizations such as IBM and Sanofi-Aventis.

For the whole team

From selection assessments to aid in the hiring process to development assessments and training programs to enhance the performance of employees, Genos is a complete Emotional Intelligence Talent Acquisition and Development System.

Our train the trainer certification course enables professionals to implement Genos solutions internally or with clients at the individual, team or organizational level.

Genos Development Programs

Applied Emotional Intelligence Feature Image. Woman giving a colleague a high five.

Applied Emotional Intelligence

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This program is designed to help employees at all levels become more self-aware, empathetic and resilient. Applied Emotional Intelligence covers the six core competencies of the Genos Workplace Model of Emotional Intelligence. Participants will gain the ability to manage their emotions intelligently, to influence their performance and improve their decision-making abilities. Built on emotional intelligence and social neuroscience, this program benefits today's teams and tomorrow's leaders.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence feature image. Woman looking to a room of people and clapping.

Lead, Empower and Thrive with EI

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Designed specifically for leaders, this program is built upon critical emotional intelligence behaviors and social neuroscience research that will boost essential leadership skills. The program covers the six core competencies of the Genos Leadership Model of Emotional Intelligence.

Science of Well-Being cover image. Two people sitting on a rock meditating.

The Science of

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Designed to help employees at all levels improve their mental, physical, social and environmental well-being, The Science of Well-Being is built on the science of behavior change and healthy habit formation. Rolled out across your workforce, this four-module program will result in lower levels of stress, stress-related leave claims, and absenteeism as well as higher levels of productivity and employee engagement.

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Leader as Coach feature image. Tho men at work having a coaching conversation.

Leader as Coach

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Leaders need to empower others to achieve results. This program takes an evidence-based approach to helping leaders become powerful, emotionally intelligent leaders by taking a coaching-based approach that gets the best out of people.

Genos Digital

This innovative platform is an industry first, offering scalability to assessment results delivery. Genos Digital offers an analytics approach that allows practitioners to fully utilize follow-up time with participants and focus on supporting implementation of custom action plans.
Genos Digital is a powerful learning experience that transforms emotional intelligence report feedback into a set of actionable behaviors. Participants receive critical feedback in a positive way, with tips on how to better demonstrate EI in any workplace situation.
Genos Digital provides interactive content including videos, smart processes and practical development steps which enables participants to understand the Genos EI Competencies and behaviors and create meaningful action plans from the feedback.
Person sits at computer using Genos Digital

Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Course

Deliver Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Development Programs that facilitate the demonstration of EI in the workplace.
The Genos EI Certification Course is specially designed to make you an expert in applying Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the workplace. Learn from internationally recognized experts who develop and apply Emotional Intelligence every day.

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Join our regular webinars, public development programs, and meet our team at conferences and around the world.

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Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments, Development Programs and Certification

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