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EI at Work is a monthly podcast that highlights the difference emotional intelligence (or lack of!) makes in businesses across the globe. Each episode, co-hosts Dr. Ben Palmer, CEO and founder of Genos International, and Marie El Daghl are joined by professionals and leaders implementing EI in their workplace. They share real-world examples of how EI has transformed their customers, staff, business outcomes and selves. Tune in to stay on top of the world’s most in-demand leadership skill.

Genos North America Podcast Appearances

HR Chats Logo

HR Chats

27 min

Debbie Muno, managing director of Genos North America, speaks with host Bill Banham discussing the impacts of emotional intelligence development on workplace performance, leadership effectiveness, retention, engagement, sales, customer service, resilience, and teamwork.

Leader's chair logo

The Leader's Chair

42 min

Host Jeffrey Edwards questions GNA managing directors Jeff Summers and Debbie Muno on emotional intelligence from a scientific and practical standpoint, common misconceptions about emotional intelligence an don leveraging the under-appreciated power of emotional intelligence

Uncover the Human Logo

Uncover the Human

1 hr 25 min

Debbie and Jeff discuss the importance of Emotional Intelligence with Cristina Amigoni and Alex Cullimore, hosts of the Uncover the Human podcast.

Portrait of Ben Palmer

Education Review

12 min

Ben Palmer, founder and CEO of Genos International discusses why developing emotional intelligence is critical to othe education sector.

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