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We are a global team of change-makers using emotional intelligence to enhance how professionals connect, communicate and collaborate. Transforming these essential people skills at work also makes a difference to their relationships outside of the workplace. This is why we call our work game-changing for business, and life-changing for people. We offer and deliver the Genos Emotional Intelligence (EI) Certification Course, Genos EI Assessments and Genos EI Development Programs.
The Genos Certification course is offered in both Live Online and Self-Paced formats and is undertaken by professionals who are engaged in, and/or responsible for the development of others: Organizational Development specialists, Learning & Development specialists, Human Resources, Corporate Trainers, business owners, coaches, consultants and trainers to name just a few.

Assessments + Reports

Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments measure the emotionally intelligent workplace behaviors that underlie success. They are underpinned by a tremendous amount of research and peer-review. All Genos feedback reports are streamlined and action-oriented, and are accompanied by a robust development resource guide to support custom action planning.

Our suite of assessments are focused on Leadership, Workplace and Sales, with multiple report styles; Self Reports, 180 Reports and 360 Reports. Certified Genos Practitioners are empowered to determine the needs of their organization or clients to implement the desired Genos Models, report styles and Genos Development Programs.

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the genos difference

Use the world's only dual benchmarking system to measure emotional intelligence against both global research and internal expectations.
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Emotional Intelligence Development Programs

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate. Genos uses emotional intelligence to drive and boost business results, employee retention and satisfaction. Start-ups to Fortune 500 companies trust Genos Practitioners to administer and facilitate emotional intelligence assessments and development programs that transform company culture, increase resilience and deliver on productivity.

Expertly designed, ready-to-deliver learning journey programs focusing on Leadership Development, Applying Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, Coaching-based Leadership, the Science of Well-Being, resilience, empathy, and engagement..

Certification Course

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Course is ideal for anyone working in individual and/or organizational development. The course is perfect for organizational development specialists, learning and development specialists, HR professionals, Corporate Trainers, business owners, coaches, consultants and trainers. Complete your certification course in just 1 week through 4 sessions in the live online course, or at your own pace with the Genos Self-Paced Certification Course.

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Both Certification Paths include

A personal Genos EI Assessment and private debrief

Engaging coursework

A Genos Practicum following the coursework

Educational and Motivational content

The Neuroscience of Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

The Genos Models of Emotional Intelligence and psychometric properties

Interpreting and Debriefing Genos Assessments

Genos Emotional Intelligence Development Programs

Managing Assessment Projects

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EARN Credentials

Upon successful completion of the certification course, you’ll earn the credential of a Certified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.
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Genos Continues to support you with

Access to Genos University, our member portal packed with ready-made tutorials, business development and marketing content.

A Genos Surveys Account - a private online software account to schedule Genos assessments and development programs, and to generate Genos Feedback Reports and Genos development program materials.

Ability to access the entire suite of Genos Assessments, including assessment solutions for hiring, leadership, sales and individual development, and a variety of supporting reports such as group reports, consultancy reports, ROI reports, ECI and Direct Report Engagement Snapshot.

Through our annual Platinum Membership access ready-to-deliver Emotional Intelligence Development Programs and Genos Grow.  

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