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What is Genos Digital?

Genos Digital is an industry-first digital learning tool - a self-paced emotional intelligence assessment and development experience. It is an intuitive and engaging one-of-a kind learning experience for receiving feedback from Genos assessment reports. The interactive content, videos, smart processes, and practical development steps facilitate the debrief experience for participants, while offering scalability to organizations. Participants are guided through a dynamic and interactive interpretation of feedback and are empowered to develop custom action plans.

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Work More Efficiently

Genos Digital enables practitioners to focus on what they do best - coaching, consulting and training around the developed action plans.
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Genos Digital provides another option for debriefing Genos feedback

Practitioners can choose whether they want to utilize Genos Digital to debrief Genos Feedback Reports, or a PDF version of Genos Feedback Reports. Both methods encourage participants to identify personal insights from the feedback, record the actions that they intend to take to capitalize on strengths, and develop their identified areas of opportunity for growth. Genos Digital enables scalability in the debriefing process.

Genos Digital can enhance the coach

Genos Digital is used with the guidance of a Certified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. Genos Digital does the debriefing in a dynamic way that gives the Practitioner time to focus on guiding and assisting in the refinement of participant action plans, and bringing the action plans to life.

Someone sits at a computer using Genos Digital.

Notable features

Intuitive navigation
No download necessary
Accessible anywhere - on any tablet, computer, or phone
Private, confidential and can be repeatedly accessed
Built-in development and action planning resources
Engaging videos and smart processes

Work More effectively

Genos Digital enhances the debrief experience for both the participant and the practitioner

Genos Digital is available for use at no extra cost with any of our assessments

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