Our Story

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We help people connect, communicate, and collaborate. Genos North America is the product of over 50 years of combined work experience in facilitating assessment and services solutions to organizations of all sizes. Those years of experience have taught us that regardless of organizational size, industry, revenue, or location, it’s the people who make organizations successful. Overwhelmingly, the most impactful leaders and contributors are people who understand how to work with others productively – how to make others feel valued and appreciated – how to create positive, collaborative environments and how to connect with others. Partnering that experience with Dr. Ben Palmer and Genos International to create Genos North America has broadened the capacity for this work.

Our Mission

We facilitate the development of emotional intelligence

It is our passion and mission to facilitate the development of emotional intelligence skills in workplaces throughout North America. Organizational Development specialists, Learning and Development professionals, Human Resource professionals, Corporate Trainers, Coaches, Consultants and Trainers can undertake the Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Course and implement the suite of Genos EI Assessments and EI Development Programs within their organizations or with the clients they serve.
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Applying Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally intelligent leaders inspire performance and positivity

Emotional Intelligence is a set of skills that include Self Awareness, Awareness of Others, Authenticity, Emotional Reasoning, Self-Management, Positive Influence and Inspiring Performance. In the workplace, development of these competencies creates more resilient leaders and team members who facilitate more productive work environments, are more engaged, demonstrate expansive decision-making, and feel better at work. Emotionally intelligent leaders contribute to higher retention rates, while emotionally intelligent employees connect and communicate productively with others, and experience higher job satisfaction. Emotional Intelligence skills are fundamental to success.

Genos International

A Global Company

Genos was formed in August 2002 by Swinburne University to bring to the market the first Australian model and measure of emotional intelligence developed by Dr Ben Palmer and Professor Con Stough. Since this time, Genos has grown into an integrated product and service firm now operating in Australia, North America and Europe, with an extensive partner network offering Genos assessments and programs across North America, South America, Europe, India, China, South Africa, South East Asia and New Zealand.

Local Focus. Global Reach.

Genos International has offices in Australia, North America and Europe, serving partners and clients in over 33 different countries in 29 different languages.

Map of Genos offices around the world

The Genos North America Team

Portrait of Jeff Summers

Jeff Summers

Managing Director

North America

Combine decades of experience in psychometric assessments, a background in business and creativity and you have Jeff. He takes on challenging responsibilities such as collaborating with Genos practitioners to identify and expand the applications of emotional intelligence in their businesses. He is a master at educating through stories and analogies, connecting with people and finding customized applications of emotional intelligence. His impressive combined background in assessments and business positions him uniquely well to lead Genos North America. Ask him how to connect Genos EI to your business - it's his secret talent.

Portrait of Debbie Muno

Debbie Muno

Managing Director

North America

Debbie has a unique combination of skills: the ability to articulate the science of emotions along with the practical applications of emotional intelligence and her ability to use the power of storytelling to bring EI to life through real-world examples. A love of public speaking, decades of experience in psychometric assessments, and a talent for coupling clients' needs with solutions make discussing EI with Debbie an insightful and customized experience. She articulates the impact of EI on those participating, as well as the ROI of EI for the organization.

Portrait of Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer, PhD

Founder and CEO


Ben has a background in psychology having a finished a PhD at Swinburne University in Melbourne Australia where he developed the first Australian model and measure of emotional intelligence. He has an extensive publication list in the area, has been invited to contribute chapters to books and guest edit special issues of journals on the topic. Together with Swinburne University’s commercialization arm Ben founded Genos International in 2002 to bring his model and measure of emotional intelligence to the market. Genos has operations in Australia, North America and Europe and distribution partners servicing clients in 33 countries around the world.

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