Empower one employee or an entire workforce to develop their emotional intelligence anywhere and anytime. Gain access to expert coaching and facilitation support.

A cutting-edge approach to emotional intelligence

Genos Grow is a powerful learning platform shaping the future of emotional intelligence development. On-demand, interactive and personalized, it takes a unique approach to help people transform their well-being and relationships.

Accelerate and deepen a culture of effective communication and collaboration. Grow a productive and psychologically safe workplace.

Why Genos Grow?

Unleash Limitless Potential across your entire workforce

Empower your people to develop EI flexibly at home or at work. 

Let the platform do all the administration and coordination of learning for you. 

Save on venues, flights, or other expensive costs typically associated with training. 

Evaluate participant usage in real time and measure people’s progress.

Have return on investment data at your fingertips ready to share.

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Personalize. Plan. Nurture. Grow. Measure.

Genos Grow is designed to develop the behaviors of Genos International’s award-winning emotional intelligence model over a 6-month period. It has been built on the science of behavior change and the power of marginal gains that over time lead to remarkable results.

Individuals can immerse in a transformative learning journey on their own, in a group with a facilitator, with a colleague or their boss, or 1-on-1 with a professional coach.


Users select behaviors they’d like to improve, establishing ownership from the outset.
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Expertly curated content and developmental insights help users create a personalized plan to enhance their selected behaviors.
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Enable users to access virtual group or one-one coaching, by appointing an expert coach or facilitator.
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Drive behavior change through integrated nudges, and maintain engagement with inspiring resources, meditations, and videos.
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Users select behaviors they’d like to improve, establishing ownership from the outset.
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Accelerate connection, collaboration and communication

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The Genos Grow Difference

Genos Grow is the only on-demand learning platform that is behavior-based, self-other directed and personalized. Why? Because interactions and self-improvement are inherently personal.

We all go through people challenges at work, and often the biggest problem we have is our self-awareness. Why didn’t that discussion go well? Did I use language that offended someone? Am I just stressed out? What can I do to improve next time? Genos Grow centers on the personal journey of growing people skills.

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