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Genos Unlimited

Cultivate a thriving workplace culture.

Our corporate program, Genos Unlimited, is a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy consistent and unlimited access to Genos Products - Emotional Intelligence assessments and Emotional Intelligence Development Programs.
Genos Unlimited enables you to build strong, in-house facilitation expertise. Improve productivity, enhance employee retention, lift engagement, bolster customer loyalty, and increase profitability. Enhance emotional intelligence at every stage of employment, professionally and personally with Genos Unlimited.
Opt for a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual subscription plan and gain unlimited access to our comprehensive suite of Genos assessments, certification and development programs designed for your workforce.
What's included

Unlimited access to our suite of products

Unlimited Corporate development programs

Explore Genos Development Programs

Unlimited Genos Certification for your team

Explore Genos Certification

Unlimited access to Genos Digital

Explore Genos Digital

Unlimited Genos Assessments for your employees and their families

Explore Genos Assessments

Enhance productivity and engagement and cultivate a thriving workplace culture.

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Unlimited access to Assessments and Genos Digital

Award winning Genos International assessments are the best way to measure emotional intelligence in people and teams against internal and global industry standards. Genos Assessment Feedback Reports include custom development plans through ground-breaking digital reports wherever and whenever you need them.

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Unlimited Corporate Development Programs

Gain unlimited access to Genos Development Programs and build enterprise-wide collaboration, communication, and connection. Deliver these application-oriented programs, developed by world leading experts.

Facilitator guides and supporting materials for each Genos Development program are included in Genos Unlimited. These assets enable your internal Genos Certified Practitioners to internally implement and deliver these programs.

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Unlimited Genos Certification for your team

Emotional Intelligence is one of the most in-demand job skills for professionals at all levels.  Genos Certification enables your in-house professionals the opportunity to expertly assess and develop your internal teams by implementing Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Development programs.  Genos Unlimited includes Genos certification for those in your organization responsible for talent development and talent management.

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Unlimited Genos Assessments and Development for your employees and their family members

Emotional Intelligence is not only game-changing for business, but also life-changing for people. That’s why we’ve introduced Genos Life, a non-workplace assessment to help your workforce and their loved ones thrive in and out of office.

With Genos Unlimited, your team can share the experience of emotional intelligence development with their partner, siblings, children or other close family members.  This is an excellent way to give back to your people and help boost the career prospects, relationships and well-being of the people they care for also.

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EI at every stage of Employment

Improve the return on your organization’s human resource budget. Build emotional intelligence into every stage of employment through a single solution with Genos Unlimited.

1. Recruitment

EI Recruitment Assessment
EI Behavioral interview guide

2. Talent and Succession

Assessments for talent identification and succession
EI Workplace self-180-360
EI Sales self-180-360
Genos Digital debriefing
Applied Emotional Intelligence Program
The Science of Well-Being Program

3. Talent and Leadership Development

Assessments for leadership development
EI Leadership self-180-360
Genos Digital debriefing
Leading with Emotional Intelligence Program
Leader as Coach Program
The Science of Well-Being Program

4. Employee Engagement and Culture

Direct Report Engagement Overview
Emotional Culture Index
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World Leading EI Experts at your fingertips

Genos Unlimited includes consistent monitoring and support from our globally respected EI experts and support team. Use Genos Unlimited to its full potential and gain unrivaled EI expertise every step of the way.

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