The Science of Well-Being

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Boost the well-being of your workforce. Reduce stress and increase productivity and engagement.

This program includes:

Four powerful, interactive instructor-led sessions
Immersive experience featuring breakout rooms, group discussion, polls, and chat
A resulting custom plan that includes participant-specific strategies to enhance participants' own personal well-being
Optional: Include a Genos Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Self or 180 Assessment in the program to launch and support emotional intelligence development - Available digitally or via a one-on-one debrief

Course Overview

Built on the science of behavior change and healthy habit formation, this program will reduce stress and increase productivity and engagement in the workplace. During four powerful interactive sessions, The Science of Well-Being Program presents a wide range of techniques and strategies in four key areas: mental, physical, social and environmental well-being.

The objective of this program is for attendees to feel more confident and capable, better connect with others, increase physical vitality, and enhance their sense of accomplishment and personal fulfillment in life.

Module 1

The Science of Enhancing Well-Being

Discover how to connect the science of emotions to the science of wellness
Learn to use self-awareness to gauge one’s own well-being
Analyze the wide-reaching implications of improvement in well-being
Determine how to make new strategies stick, using action plans built around the science of behavior change

Module 2

Improving Well-Being with Physical and Environmental Strategies

Explore the science of healthy habit formation
Reduce stress and enhance vitality with new techniques to enhance sleep, diet and exercise to boost physical well-being
Identify ways to improve one’s unique physical environment and structure a well-being day. This session is designed to inspire attendees to explore their own well-being needs

Module 3

Improving Well-Being with Thinking Strategies

Improve the way participants think, feel and behave with three effective thinking strategies.
Work on creating boundaries
Discuss the methods of perspective-taking and sense-making
Enhance emotional agility while responding to triggers

Module 4

Improving Well-Being with Social Strategies

Discover how to boost social well-being with emotional intelligence
Explore techniques to improve day-to-day social interactions, create a stronger sense of belonging, and foster more meaningful and positive relationships with others
Explore a coaching model for helping others respond effectively to their challenging situations
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Research shows that enhanced well-being improves workplace outcomes including communication and decision-making, as well as improved productivity. Understanding and handling one’s own emotions and those of others is essential to development of well-being in the workplace.

What's included?

number 1

Benchmark: Privately and confidentially benchmark how well participants demonstrate emotionally intelligent behaviors in comparison to the world-renowned Genos global benchmark via a Genos Workplace assessment.

number 2

Personalize: Complete a professional digital debrief of participants' assessment results. An experienced, Genos certified coach is available to assist participants in crafting a custom action plan.

number 3

Participate: This program consists of six 90-minute instructor-led learning modules. Participants learn and interact with a peer cohort while they’re guided through inspirational content, practical tools, techniques and various activities.

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Embed: After each module, participants have the opportunity to apply new tools and techniques at work and at home to help improve how they connect, communicate and collaborate with others.

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