Psychological Safety

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This 3-hour program provides participants with practical tools and techniques to enhance psychological safety at work. It’s great for teams who are either overly polite and avoid real conversations; or, for teams who approach challenges with each other too bluntly.

As a result of attending this program participants feel more comfortable and confident sharing issues that are affecting their work; speaking up and challenging others; calling out other’s unproductive behaviors and openly sharing mistakes to help learn from them. Psychological safety is everyone’s business – From team members to team leaders – it’s everyone’s responsibility to help enhance psychological safety, inclusion and trust at work.

Through practical tools and techniques, participants will:

Learn to quantify and accurately express issues;
Identify and manage behaviors that cause discomfort and defensiveness;
Create the space and environment to have authentic conversations and therefore put an end to avoidance strategies that only amplify issues;
Gain techniques that will help them feel more confident and capable to lead authentic conversations and facilitate psychological safety with colleagues.

Course Overview

The Genos Psychological Safety Development program is a powerful 3-hour interactive instructor-led session. It includes immersive experiential exercises and practice applications of tools and techniques. All participants are provided with a comprehensive workbook which includes information on the the techniques taught in the course as well as space for note-taking and development planning. It’s everyone’s responsibility to help enhance psychological safety, inclusion and trust at work. This program has been designed for staff at all levels – from individual contributors to senior leaders.

Optional Add On:

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Benchmark: Privately and confidentially benchmark how well participants demonstrate emotionally intelligent behaviors in comparison to the world-renowned Genos global benchmark via a Genos Workplace assessment.

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Personalize: Complete a professional digital debrief of participants' assessment results. An experienced, Genos certified coach is available to assist participants in crafting a custom action plan.

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Participate: This program is a 3-hour program. Participants learn and interact with a peer cohort while they’re guided through inspirational content, practical tools, techniques and various activities.

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Embed: Participants have the opportunity to apply new tools and techniques at work and at home to help improve how they connect, communicate and collaborate with others.

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