Lead, Empower and Thrive with EI

Designed specifically for leaders, this program is built upon critical emotionally intelligent behaviors and social neuroscience research that will boost leadership skills that are essential to business success.

During six highly interactive and impactful instructor-led learning modules, leaders learn to improve how they connect, communicate and influence others, in turn enhancing leadership ability, talent retention and engagement. Leaders are better able to empathize and think strategically. Personal relationships and well-being are also enhanced creating impact both inside and outside of the workplace.

Research shows that people perform their best when they feel valued, cared for, consulted, respected, informed and understood. Emotionally intelligent leaders are adept at motivating others, connecting, empathizing, and building employee engagement in both virtual and in-person work environments.

In this program leaders will improve their understanding of their own demonstration of emotional intelligence. They will explore and practice tools and techniques for applying emotional intelligence in their leadership role, and use EI to inspire higher performance and improve workplace culture.


Six 90-minute instructor-led learning modules
Inspirational, relevant content with practical application  
Engagement through participant discussions
Activities that build skill, understanding and application
Optional: Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessments can be included in the program. Turn feedback into customized actionable development steps. Available digitally or via a one-on-one coaching debrief

Course Overview

Module 1: Self-Awareness

Discover the Genos International model of emotional intelligence. Learn about the social neuroscience of emotions and the connections between behavior, performance and decision-making. Identify the types of events that trigger emotions and learn to respond effectively. Discover a 3-step process for enhanced decision-making and behavior. Participants review and identify critical emotional intelligence leadership behaviors for their personal development and individual leadership journey.

Module 2: Awareness of Others

This module helps participants enhance awareness of others and more accurately view situations from the perspective of others while also more accurately anticipating responses and reactions from others.  Participants develop the skills to be more behaviorally agile and situational in their leadership approach.

Module 3:  Authenticity

Discover and practice applying a model to facilitate difficult conversations with openness and finesse. Participants learn to effectively express emotions in their leadership role and to enhance how they connect and build relational trust with others.

Module 4: Emotional Reasoning

Explore decision-making that incorporates emotional and moral reasoning. Uncover the unique components of emotional reasoning, why it’s essential, and how to surface emotional information. Participants learn how to draw on purpose and values to guide their reasoning when decision-making and techniques for generating new knowledge and ways of approaching novel problems.

Module 5: Self-Management

Develop personal resilience and create a mentally healthy working environment for others. Leaders need to pay attention to the way they manage time, how they behave and continuously improve how they lead others. Participants identify a range of techniques for managing stress, bouncing back from challenging situations and enhancing well-being.

Module 6: Inspiring Performance

Inspire performance through persuasion, coaching, and influence. Participants learn to empower others and unleash their full potential by understanding the fundamentals of human motivation at work. Participants reflect on learning from the entire program to build and maintain the momentum of the learning, and how they can apply these practical tools and techniques moving forward.

What's included?


Benchmark: Privately and confidentially benchmark how well participants demonstrate emotionally intelligent behaviors in comparison to the world-renowned Genos global benchmark via a Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership assessment.

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Personalize: Complete a professional digital debrief of participants assessment results. An experienced, Genos certified coach is available to assist participants in crafting a custom action plan.


Participate: This program consists of six 90-minute instructor-led learning modules. Participants learn and interact with a peer cohort while they are guided through inspirational content, practical tools, techniques and activities.

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Embed: After each module, participants are encouraged to apply new tools and techniques at work and at home to help improve how they connect, communicate and collaborate with others.

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