Genos Emotional Intelligence Selection Assessment

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The Genos Emotional Intelligence Selection Report is the best measure of how often a candidate demonstrates emotional intelligence in the workplace. The report enables hiring managers to utilize EI measures as an additional means to making the best possible hiring decisions.

Successful organizations are now integrating emotional intelligence into their talent management processes. From selecting and hiring new employees, to transitioning and development of existing team members, these organizations are preparing for the increasing demand in Emotional Intelligence skills in all positions and at all levels.

Published psychometric studies show higher scores on the Genos Emotional Intelligence Selection assessment meaningfully correlate with a number of important workplace variables. The higher people score on the Genos assessment, the higher they tend to also score on measures of:

Workplace performance
Leadership effectiveness
Sales and customer service
Teamwork effectiveness
Employee Engagement

Why Select for Emotional Intelligence?

With the Genos Emotional Intelligence Selection Report, organizations now have the ability to accurately measure a candidate’s capacity for demonstrating these requirements:

Strong interpersonal skills

Positive demeanor

Good under stress/pressure




Critical and agile thinking/problem-solving


Expansive decision-making and creating buy-in


Excellent communication skills

Inspirational leadership style

Emotional Intelligence involves a set of skills that help us better perceive, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and in others. Collectively they help us make intelligent responses to our emotions, creating workplaces that are more productive, collaborative, creative and profitable.
Utilizing a validated Emotional Intelligence selection instrument in the hiring process provides critical information about a prospective employee's demonstration of emotional intelligence, which can ultimately have a significant impact on their workplace performance, effectiveness and productivity as well as organizational culture.
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How does the Genos Selection Report work?

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Candidates complete The Genos Emotional Intelligence Selection assessment online. The average time to complete the assessment is 15-20 minutes; candidates have 30 minutes to complete.
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Upon completion, results are immediately available for the for the organization and include both results of the assessment and an actionable Interview Guide. EI Competency-specific, behaviorally-oriented interview questions are included.
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Good to Know

The Genos Selection Assessment Report includes sophisticated measures of Inflation, Manipulation and Inconsistency to account for socially desirable responding, and adjusts EI scores accordingly to ensure meaningful results are provided
Our simple and secure assessment platform is extremely easy to use to access the assessment and assessment results.
Genos products are supported by a wealth of peer reviewed published research. They exceed all standards for psychometric reliability and validity.
Genos offers a complete Emotional Intelligence Talent Acquisition and Talent Development System. The Genos Emotional Intelligence Selection Report can be implemented into the hiring process, and the Genos suite of Emotional Intelligence Development assessments and EI Development Programs can be utilized throughout the employee’s lifecycle.

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How to use Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Development Programs

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Implement Genos Assessments and Development Programs within your organization

For Learning and Development specialists, Organizational Development professionals, HR professionals, corporate trainers, coaches, consultants, trainers, business owners, hiring managers and corporate development professionals.
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Enroll in a Genos Corporate or Executive Development Program

For groups, teams or individual executives interested in developing emotional intelligence skills.
Genos North America will deliver Genos Assessments and Development Programs for your and/or your teams.
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Offer Genos Assessments and Development Programs to your clients

As a coach, consultant or trainer, you can become certified to utilize Genos Assessments and Development Programs with your clients.
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